Link Building, undoubtedly, is one of the most efficient ways to improve your search engine rankings and grow your site traffic. However, link building is a double-edged that can backfire and end up doing more harm than good.

You see, search engine giant Google is a user experience oriented company. Hence, Google discourages behaviors and practices that manipulate search results and create bad experiences for its users.

In fact, Google even penalizes sites it suspects of using unscrupulous link building methods like it did with private blog networks. Having said that, Google still uses backlinks as a ranking signal, but albeit only from high-quality sources.

So, if you wish to rely on link building to drive organic traffic to your site, you must only try and acquire genuine, high-quality backlinks that will pass the Google test. And to help you in the process, here are 5 smart ways you can use to build high-quality backlinks.

5 smart ways you can build high-quality backlinks

1. Follow the 90/10 rule of link building

And what does the 90/10 rule of link building precisely say? Well, the rule recommends that 90% of your effort should be directed at creating super awesome content that people will want to link to, and only 10% of your effort should be dedicated into link building.

As simple as it sounds, this is where a plenty of the sites out there fail. They tend to reverse the 90/10 rule and give more attention to link building while ignoring the quality aspect of their content. So, next time you want to build high-quality backlinks, first work on the content.

2. Find & approach sites that give out links

Look around and find sites that give out links to sites similar to yours. Particularly target those sites that link to your competitors. Chances are, if they are linking to your competitors’ websites, they will link to yours as well.

To have it easy, there are several tools out there that let you find websites that are linking to your competitors. Once you know which websites are linking to your competitors or sites similar to yours, the next step would be to approach the website owners with a link building request via personalized emails.

3. Tap into Free Public Relations sites like HARO (Help a Reporter)

Manual outreach for high-quality backlinks demands a lot of time and could prove to be quite draining. This is where free PR sites like HARO could help you out. Help a Reporter Out or more commonly HARO, present you with an excellent link building opportunity. HARO lets you connect with journalists and reporters who are working on stories/articles related to the product or service you offer. So, all you need to do is strategically connect with reporters and get a valuable do-follow link by featuring in their articles.

4. Leverage the Broken Link Building Strategy

This is a pretty simple and yet a highly effective link building strategy that could get you high-quality backlinks. To put it in plain terms, broken or dead links are links to locations on the internet that no longer exists, and having broken links can be bad for a site’s SEO.

Now manually looking for broken links can be an exacting exercise, which is why you can rely on tools that help you find broken links. Once you’ve discovered a broken link, simply write an email to the site owner highlighting the broken link and offering a substitute link — your link.

5. Skyscraper

The skyscraper is an easily implementable link building tactic that can give you high-quality backlinks fast and quick. What you have to do is find an awesome content in your space, and then churn out an even awesomer version of it.

Address industry pain points that went unanswered in the inspiration content, make things easier for the readers to understand, add more images and videos, enhance the scope and reach of your content, and finally approach site owners who were linking to that inspiration content to link to your much-improved content in its stead.

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