If you aren’t currently using video marketing to promote your business, products, website, or anything else you want people to pay attention to, then you are missing out on the most popular and effective means of reaching people available today.

Thanks to the affordability of access devices, near-universal WiFi, and the expanded capacity of Internet networks, we are quickly becoming a video society. Most people with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices would rather watch a brief video streaming in high definition than read blocks of tiny text that is nearly impossible to see.

From a customer’s prospective, video is faster, easier and better than any other platform. It’s easier to share. It’s more entertaining. And it’s easier to understand and absorb the key concepts that the marketer is trying to get across.

To put it bluntly: If you aren’t using video, you are missing the boat. Here are five compelling reasons why you need to opt for video marketing to promote your product, business or other entity right now.


Video Is the Medium of Choice

Video is by far the most popular medium online. That’s because it’s the easiest for people to understand, regardless of their age, location, education level, or economic background.

The funny thing is, it’s always been that way. People have always been more attracted to going to the movies than they were to, say, going to listen to a symphony or opera. Once television was developed, it essentially destroyed radio as an entertainment medium in just a few years.

What’s changed is that people’s access to video has fewer obstacles. Not that long ago, people who wanted to watch video were forced to use their televisions, which presented content according to somebody else’s schedule.

Today, people can use streaming video services online such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and many others to watch practically anything they want any time they please.

This unfettered access has permanently changed the marketplace, forcing companies to adopt video as the primary way to compete for their intended target’s attention.


Video Marketing Has a Global Reach

Video relies more on image than language to express its messages. That opens the doors for companies to reach new markets worldwide. Now you don’t have to rely on speaking the native language in order to convert prospects into customers. If you can simply tap into universal emotions and resonate with the types of things every human feels, you can effectively build new markets to promote your products and businesses using wordless videos.


It’s Easier to Go Viral

Another enormous benefit of video marketing is how easy it is for customers to share videos they like. All they have to do is LITERALLY push a button on their smartphone, tablet or other devices they are using to watch their videos and they can share it with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts on social media accounts, email lists, or even on their blogs or websites.

Video marketing offers exponential expansion of popular promotions, rather than sequential. The technology available to nearly everybody today has taken the age-old concept of word of mouth and converted it into an effective matrix that allows sharing to quickly become viral.

In just minutes, the marketing messages you promote using videos can literally circle the globe.


Videos Are Simple to Produce

The costs of producing high quality video marketing is exceptionally low. At its most basic, practically every smartphone and tablet now comes with at least one built-in high definition camera and high quality microphone that can be used to create the most basic videos.

Where companies used to invest huge sums to produce marketing materials, today practically anybody can produce video marketing that is better, faster, and has a broader potential reach than even the most successful expensive campaigns created for only the biggest corporations a generation ago.


People Love Videos

The biggest and most important reason to use video marketing is that people inherently love watching videos. Your customers are going to be significantly more likely to watch a brief video you produced to promote a particular product or your brand than they would to listen to an audio recording or read lines of text.

People like the immediacy of videos. They are brief, to the point, and the best ones connect with viewers on a strictly emotional level.

People also love the ways videos use traditional storytelling techniques to get their message across. The best videos often use the least amount of words, instead promoting their message using appealing images that evoke positive feelings that people can use to make immediate and often permanent connections.

If you aren’t using video marketing, you risk being left behind because it’s currently the medium of choice among customers and marketers alike.